Your Strategic Process is a step by step process of discovering what is important to you.

Your Connection Conversation Plan – A Strategic Gift of Transparency

Your Strategic Process begins with a connection conversation of transparency where we will get to know each other and you will identify your goals, core values and beliefs. You will discover what is important to you, talk about where you currently stand, discuss the life you want to live, what you want to achieve, your desires and ways to get there.

A Comprehensive Financial Plan – Your Strategic Financial Building Blocks

We manage and guide a team of professional business partners who oversee financial planning, investment management, financial fiduciary expertise, insurance needs, tax   estate and succession planning to create your complete, sequential, recommended, Comprehensive Financial Plan – your strategic financial building blocks.

A Cash Organization Plan – Your Strategic Cash Reserves

We will identify what is required to provide you a cash organization plan, educate you on the direction to get there and suggest how to maintain your strategic cash reserves.

Your Debt Organization Plan – Strategic Debt Management

We will advise you on how to utilize debt wisely. Additionally, when the timing is accurate you can work with a professional business partner to provide a debt organization plan that will guide you in reducing your debt and possibly even eliminating it. This strategic debt management plan will outline a debt reduction schedule that is easily understood.

Your Personalized Investment Plan - Strategic Money Management

We manage and guide a team of professional business partners who assist in providing a personalized investment plan that aims to balance risk and reward while practicing fiducially prudent strategic money management.

Your Insurance Audit Plan – Strategic Risk Management

We manage and guide a team of professional business partners who will perform and provide an insurance audit plan, reviewing all policies you currently hold; life, health, disability, long-term care, liability, home, auto, business insurance, etc. This audit will ensure you have paid no more than the appropriate premium for your exposure and secure that your strategic risk management is meeting your current needs discovered in your connection conversation plan.

Your Progress Report Plan - Strategic Review

Our biannual family/business progress report plan is indeed the most important step of the financial strategic review process. It is a time to review and examine goals, values, beliefs – and then readjust your strategic solutions, charting a new course if need be, or further affirm your progress and successes. We will work together to review the following:

  1. Confirm your data and progress against your timeline.
  2. Review, prioritize, and affirm your goals.
  3. Celebrate your positive actions towards goal achievement and regain focus to stay on track.
  4. Examine your resources to see if there are other areas to address.
  5. Make recommendations based on tactical or strategic asset allocation models, a change in life events, or new market regulatory changes.
  6. Implement a plan based on the above benchmarks - the most important of which are your goals.