Wendi Temkin, Attorney at Law

Wendi Temkin, Attorney at Law


Unlike most estate planning firms in town, we do not see the production of a set of documents as our goal. Rather, we see ourselves as your long-term trusted advisor, making sure you always have a plan in place that reflects your needs, health, goals, and values, and one that will actually work when the time comes. All of our work is done on a flat-fee basis agreed to up front, so there are never any surprise billings. We incorporate the latest technology into all of our planning so your documents will not be stashed away in an inaccessible place when needed, but rather can be available instantly to emergency responders and family members.

For those of you with minor children or special needs family members, we will create a special Parent Contingency Plan to make sure your children will be cared for in both the short- and long-term by the people you choose and in the manner you want, with clear guidance to all concerned.

We recognize that things can and usually do change over time, whether it is the structure of your family, the size or composition of your assets, or the state of the law. That is why at Temkin Law, we provide complimentary plan reviews for all of our clients at least once every three years, so we can help make sure your plans continue to reflect your needs and your life over time.

At Temkin Law we believe estate planning is not just about transferring your financial assets and personal belongings. It’s also about capturing and transferring your valuable intangible gifts: your values, insights, stories and experiences. That’s why we make it part of every client’s planning process to help you capture and pass on more than just your money. It is your intellectual, spiritual and human assets that make you who you are. These are the most precious things you can give to your loved ones.

You don’t want to be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to your family’s future. In the end, estate planning is not something we do for ourselves. It is a gift we provide for those we love. Schedule a Complimentary Estate Planning Session to learn about the most appropriate type of estate plan for your needs.